I always knew I wanted to design ceramics – from a young age my grandmothers would tell me about their work and take me around the Potteries, showing me the ceramics industry in practice and the amazing designs they helped bring to life. Hand painting intricate designs for Royal Doulton and Aynsley they were both at the peak of the industry and their passion for the brands made me want to follow in their footsteps.

Through education, work experience and pure determination I found my own career in the Potteries, I specialized in shape design and worked for some amazing brands including Wedgwood, Minton, Royal Doulton, Waterford Crystal and Royal Albert, along with some great names like Gordon Ramsay, Vera Wang and Donna Hay.

My passion for design and particularly ceramics has led me to create my own mug range. Mugs are a real challenge – everyone has their favourite and it’s impossible to please everyone, so I’ve concentrated on putting my own spin on the best materials. All of my designs are bone china and the shapes are designed for comfort as well as individuality.

Three distinct ranges offer different shapes and sizes along with patterns and slogans – the perfect way to express yourself whilst enjoying your daily cuppa.

Wherever possible I use factories and skilled individuals from Stoke on Trent to produce my designs – it’s such a great place and it would be a shame to lose the traditions, craft and skills that are distinct to the area.

I absolutely love visiting the factories in Stoke, watching the ware being made – often in the same way it was hundreds of years ago – not only with the same skills, but the same humour and banter that is typical of the Stokeys I grew up with and love.